Day 1. Places to search for a job

So day 1 has passed quickly. Mostly because I started this challenge in the evening and it was intense to apply for at least 20 jobs, so I needed to be fast. But I did! And I have a few suggestions for those who are searching for a job.


What is your occupation? There is different websites for any kind of professionals. Also you should take a look at the startups, especially if you are new to the job market. They usually offer nice opportunities and gives you a nice start for your career. But let’s talk about more about the places you should check job suggestions.

If you love technology, IT, design and etc. There is some lovely websites you HAVE to take a look at.

My very first website I checked was Campaignlive. It’s not only a tool to search for a job, but also to read some articles or explore media news. As I’m searching for a job worldwide, I have more freedom to choose the country, so the jobs more based in UK.

Another one was  Creativepool. There is more opportunities around the Europe, but most of them is also targeting UK market. I spend a while at this page trying to build my profile, because it only let’s you apply if you have your account set up with all the details about your previous experience and portfolio. But after that, it’s really easy to reach all the jobs, only press apply button and future employees can see your profile.

It’s more interesting for graphic designers or photographers probably, but lovely web page Soply suggests nice opportunity to work as a freelancer. It’s not exactly job hunting website, it’s more like to sell yourself for the potential customers. Still worth to give it a shot!


So there it is. A few website that I’ve used yesterday and more of them going to discover today!

Let’s continue this challenge and keep searching for the new opportunities. Who’s with me? xx


Super Owls







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