5 days-100 applications. What happens next?

Hey beautiful, smart people! Today Super Owls decided to make a little challenge.


Recently I finished my job at the game company where I was working as a graphic designer. I’m still young, I don’t have enough experience for some of the jobs, but I’m talented, motivated and it’s time to make a change!

During 5 days I’m more than eager to send 100 applications. Than means around 20 during one day. I have my portfolio, resume ready and cover letter will depend on the company requirements.

Mostly I’m searching for a graphic design job, but I’m probably going to contact some agencies about my illustrations. Tsss, don’t say anyone, but it’s kinda my dream to be independent freelance illustrator, but you know. That’s in the future!


Great career is not something that comes at our doors and knocks. You have to discover and be discovered. I truly believe that at least one great opportunity might come after 5 days. Of course it’s a tough job, to send 100!!! applications, but it’s worth to try, right?


Okay fellow bloggers and readers. Let’s stick around and wish me the best luck!

Tomorrow I will share my progress and methods used to find a new companies!


Super Owls xx




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