10 things to make your holidays perfect!


10 things to make your holidays perfect!

I think we’re all scared sometimes about traveling and crazy minds keep crossing through the head.

If it’s going to be fine, if I’ve packed all the stuff I need and etc. I’ve been to many places, but I’ve never thought to read some articles or suggestions before going on vacation. To be honest it would saved my life! So if you are a newbie in traveling and don’t want to get lost in this huge world, just keep reading!


Have you picked your destination? Now it’s time to read some suggestions!

1. Always make a plan how you will reach a place and how you will get back home

It seems simple? Yes. But sometimes people tend to skip this step and just keep dreaming how they will drink cocktails on the beach soon. I guess nobody wants to have any issues  while traveling, but if you go to the foreign country, it’s possible that locals won’t speak English very well and that’s how the problem begins..

..once upon a time(actually 4months ago) we went to the Open’er festival in Poland, Gdynia. The very first thing that I missed it was the city..There is Gdansk and Gdynia close to each other and I though that my wizzair will land in Gdynia where is the festival. I don’t why I thought this, but I realized that I need to find my transportation from the festival to Gdansk to catch my plane. So if the city sounds very similar to you, be sure that you picked the right one. I know a lot of stories when people got lost, because of misunderstandings.

So about the language. In Poland it’s really hard to find English speakers. Even in the festival area a few guards couldn’t answer to our questions..but even thought it was amazing experience and in the future I will make a list of festivals that is worth to visit.


Open’er 2016



So we were dancing and enjoying the music, but of course the last day arrived..Be sure to make a few alarms before your flight! Because we slept for 2 more hours and Gdansk was around 30km away..So we jumped in the free festival bus, which goes to the center. In the central train station there was a long line and nobody knew where to go to buy a train ticket. We waited for 20min and they send us to the other line. There was another women which was angry at her colleague for sending us to her (she was able to speak a little bit in English)  and again..she send us away to wait for one more line. We were running around the train station, because it was the last train before the flight. We made it to the train! Woohoo. What’s next..We were so happy that in the train there was some foreigners. Actually we find out that train won’t go directly to the airport, just through the city..(as I said, always do double check before your trip). So it was sunday, city was empty. It took us forever to find the bus ( we even bought the tickets), but we understood that we won’t make it. So we are also approaching the next point : always put aside some money for the emergency situation. We were living in the Poland for one week. We spend our savings, for drinks, food and etc. But thanks to god we still had around 100zl. That’s how much our taxi costs to reach the airport on time.

So just to make a point, it was scary and it was stressing to know, that you might be left in the other country without the money and your ticket back home. ALWAYS do a little research how hard is to get to the place, be sure about the city names and always keep a little savings in the small pocket somewhere.

2. Put aside some money for the emergency situations.

I know it sounds really tempting to buy new clothes or spend your money in the new club, but always think about the risks while traveling. You get stuck and need to go to the airport faster? You need special medicine or something urgently? Always plan your savings and your vacation will go smoothly!




3. Less clothes, less troubles.

Make a plan. If you are going to somewhere where it’s sunny, you don’t need to have 10 skirts, 8 dresses, 6 t-shirts and etc. Pick a few most comfortable and go! Probably you won’t need clothes anyway, because it’s more about swimming and tanning. Of course if you go for skiing it’s a bit complicated, but otherwise, I suggest you, just too keep your luggage empty, because you definitely will need some space for all the gifts and good things from the country you are visiting. From my experience it was always a problem not to exceed the limits.


4.  Don’t buy souvenirs or gifts on the first corner.


I know that probably you will be excited from the very first moment you will land, but don’t do that! I’ve spend a lot of money, because there was instant urge to buy something. You can go just a few streets away from the center or fav. touristic place and tadaaam! Everything will be cheap. At least a little bit!


5. Plan everything..but not too much!

Of course it’s a good idea to make a small plan or mark all the places you want to visit on your map, but keep in mind that, you are going to enjoy your time and it’s your holidays. You don’t have to be in rush or overthink. Many people feel stressed about activities and how they are going to make them on time. Be realistic and don’t push yourself too much. At the first part of the day you can start joining activities, excursions, short trips, but in the evening you should always nominate yourself for the cold drink or delicious piece of cake.


6. Don’t have any expectations

I know it’s a tough task, but just try. We usually before the trip make so many dreams, imagine so many things how it will be go, what should we expect, but in the end there is completely different feeling about the place. The best way is to experience the journey by yourself, because some articles might mislead or just overwhelm too much.

7. Make photos, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment

I met a lot of people who forgot to enjoy the moment..I know that photos are precious thing and always will remind your best moments, but sometimes it’s good to put your camera away and live in the present. If you are attending a concert, don’t be a flashlight in the crowd. Most of the people just keep recording the whole concert, which is crazy, you can always find good quality videos on youtube! But if you are diving with the dolphins or dancing in the rain with the monkeys, of course there should be a second to capture unique, not repeatable moment..




8. Don’t forget to bring cash

Easy, but sometimes we can forget that. Of course there is a lot of countries and places where you can use your credit card, but also some extra taxes might appear in the end, because of converting the money. Also it’s to be sure and secure about traveling or eating. Not every local shop has a chance to pay with the card and especially if we talk about the local bus which goes through the mountains or any other crazy place. Sorry. ATM is also hard to find up there.


9. If you are traveling alone or want some company, you can start making your friends even in the plane!


Smart, right? I’ve made like 97% journeys count, because of the people that I’ve met before my trip starts. Everyone is relaxed, maybe a little bit shy, but in the end wants to share the journey together. It’s cheaper to share a car or take a look at the belongings or just to drink a wine bottle together. I think we all have this feeling that you want so badly to share a beautiful sunset or amazing view with someone. It’s your chance and of course every new friendships counts!




10. Never hesitate. Just risk it.

You might face some obstacles during your trip. You might be afraid to climb into the mountains, to ski, to dive, but you will regret this later on. You are going to unique place and they usually offering unique activities. Bond with the locals, ask advises, talk, laugh, enjoy your life. Never be afraid to leave your comfort zone, but of course, think some things through, before leaving it!

Travel safe, make some plans, pack your stuff and let me know your ways of traveling!

With love and best wishes,


Super Owls


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